Wildfires in Siberia are changing atmospheric circulation over the Arctic and Northern Hemisphere, this is a leading pattern!

After the warmest spring in meteorological history, Siberia is under attack of wildfires, which in the middle of June occupying around 500 - 600 km2 of areas.

The worst situation in last period is reported from Khakassia, near Kazakhstan border, after region hit severe heatwaves /Turkmenistan +45,8°C, Uzbekistan +45,4°C, Kazakhstan +43,3°C! - mkweather/, in Kazakhstan up to +43,3°C /Siberia with new May record, +39,1°C, Pakistan +50,0°C, UAE +49,7°C - mkweather/ and in Siberia up to +39,1°C and european Russia +39,7°C /Heatwaves in Russia have become crazy: +39,7°C, never measured before in spring - mkweather/ in May 2021.

From the region, 15 dead and more than 400 injured is reported.

Although, parts of Siberia hit in last period short-term coldwaves, circulation is slowly returning into very hot mode and wildfires are strengthening again.

Scientists have found, that P.M2.5 particles above the Arctic with Siberian origin are linked with significant anticyclonic anomalies across Northern Hemisphere.

Newly identified atmospheric circulation named as circum-Arctic wave (CAW) enhances heatwaves and wildfires around the Arctic enhancing the co-occurrence of heatwaves in Europe and wildfires in Siberia and Alaskan region, while southward from Greenland and above subpolar Far East, low pressure anomaly is persisting.

This blocking character of weather we had here in June 2020, when record +38,0°C in Verkhoyansk was measured and Siberia reported extremely dangerous wildfires /38°C (101°F) behind polar circle in Siberia 5 years after unprecedent event with +40°C (104°F) in Nunavut (northern Canada) - mkweather/.

In some La nina years, blocking circulation with high above European Russia and Western Siberia should appear, such as in Summer 2010 or in Spring 2021.

In 2021, wildfire season has started anomalously soon /Ten times as many wildfires in Siberia than usual, Central Asia abnormal +40°C - mkweather/. On 27. April, the temperature in Tokmak, Kyrgyzstan, reached +35,1°C (95,2°F), while at Ayding Lake, China, the temperature peaked at +43,5°C (110,3°F). A few hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle, the small town of Boguchany in Siberia, Russia, had its hottest April on record. On 25. April the temperature soared to +31°C (87.8° Fahrenheit) /Siberia experiences hottest spring on record, fueling wildfires (mongabay.com)/.

There is a possibility, that in July and August 2021, similar blocking situation such as in 2010 should occur in Russia, with one of the worst wildfire seasons in history.

Now, however, extremely hot weather shifted into Europe for a time, what means little colder European Russia, but still possibility of hot anomalies across Siberia.

Source: wetterzentrale.de

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