Anchorage, the Alaskan capital, with the earliest snowfall in history! Extreme differences between Yukon, Canada (-15,5°C) and Northern Plains, the USA (+37,8°C)

Canada, Alaska, and northern parts of the USA have experienced in the last period sharp differences in weather.

While Alaska and Western Canada, such as the Rocky Mountains reported before a few days severe cold blast /, central parts of the USA and Canadian Plains reported extremely hot Indian summer – this anomaly hit all central part of the continent, including Texas /

According to information from Anchorage, Alaska, the earliest snowfall in history (tied record from 1996) was observed from 23. to 24. September 2021.

Chugach mountain near Anchorage reported after a blizzard anomalous 30 inches / 76 cm snowfall.

Cold weather in the region has come at the same time such as cold reports from the Arctic /, Antarctica / and Siberia /

After a blizzard, -15,5°C / 4°F was measured in Margaret Lake, Yukon, Canada on Tuesday, 28. September 2021.

On the front side of a cold front, however, extremely hot weather was in the last hours and days peaking and while southern central Canada (Prairies) reported temperatures up to +34°C / 93°F and North Dakota, northern central USA (Northern Plains) surprised at the end of September with anomalous +37,8°C / 100°F!

It appears that central parts of the USA and southernmost Canada are waiting very strong Indian summer – a 6-week forecast for Europe, North America, and World will be updated on Mkweather soon.

30 inches / 76 cm of snow in Chugach mountain near Anchorage, Alaska /Source: Earth Watcher Twitter
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