Bocas del Toro, Panama, with severe floods

Only in one of the last articles we wrote about severe floods in Costa Rica /

Only a few days after Costa Rica, was flooded neighboring Panama and heavy rains in the region are continuing.

Within International Exchange Site, only 2 meteorological stations are available – in David fell during the last 144 hours 150,4 mm of rain and it´s possible than locally should appear, similarly such as in Costa Rica, rainfall totals around 50-200 mm.

The most hit region was Bocas del Toro province, where floods affected directly around 30 000 people around 23. July 2021.

According to long term forecast from the previous article /link above/, in danger should be mainly Panama, Costa Rica, eastern Nicaragua, Belize, Salvador, and neighboring parts of Honduras and Guatemala in Central America and parts of eastern Venezuela, Guyana, and northern Colombia in South America during the next 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, parts of Mexico and southwestern USA experience monsoon rains, and near Florida, Tropical storm Fred development is expected /; and Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia are after the next severe coldwave /
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Author: marekkucera
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