The first snow of the season in Finland, in Oulu minimum temperature in the afternoon!

Parts of Finland, including of metropolitan area of Oulu experienced on Tuesday, 14. September 2021 with the first snow of the season!

A snowstorm hit mainly Lapland and parts of the northern half of the country and on roads, several centimeters of snow layer appeared immediately after a few hours of snowing.

In Kilpisjarvi Saana, 1007 MASL, ice day, with the maximum temperature only -0,1°C and minimum temperature -1,6°C appeared on Tuesday, 14. September and on Monday, 13. September, -1,8°C was measured.

In Kittila Laukukero, 755 MASL, -1,6°C and -0,9°C were measured in the last 2 mornings (13.-14. September), with maximum temperature on Tuesday only +0,1°C.

In Oulu, the temperature dropped to +0,8°C near heavy snowfall. Interesting is, the minimum temperature was reached around 14:00, afternoon, during the arrival of the snowstorm.

In Rovaniemi, Lapland´s capital, the temperature dropped to +0,2°C near snowing during morning hours and the maximum temperature reached +4,9°C.

In Vilhelmina, Sweden, 348 MASL, only -4,0°C was on Tuesday, morning, measured and in Filefjell, Norway, 955 MASL and Folldal-Fredheim, Norway, 694 MASL, -3,8°C was measured.

In the last period, in Scandinavia appeared severe coldwaves and heatwaves both /;; and until the end of September, colder weather will be more frequent, although in the south, temperatures above +20°C should appear, yet.

Autumn 2021 forecast for Scandinavia is stormy / and in Winter 2021/2022, Finland should be hit by Siberian coldwaves the most /;

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