Long heatwave for Europe! The Spain +42°C, France +35°C, Central Europe, British Islands, Balkan and Scandinavia +32°C, East Europe +28°C

The first 15 days of Summer 2021 will bring gradually heatwaves above European continent, although the start of June 2021 should be in central parts freezing /https://mkweather.com/summer-2021-will-start-in-central-europe-with-record-frosts-3c-is-possible//.

It won´t be very extreme heatwaves – Central Europe is expecting summer days above +25°C minimally 10/15 days, with peaks up to maximally +32°C.

Surprisingly hot should be in British Islands and Scandinavia, where up to +32°C temperatures should appear too, similarly such as in continental parts of Europe, locally, thanks to drier character of the first half of June 2021.

Southwestern France should have maximally +35°C, Balkan only +32°C (here will be cold longer time), Greece and Italy around +38°C in peaks.

The hottest will be the Spain and Portugal, with possible temperatures up to +42°C in Andalusia.

Eastern Europe (not European Russia) however stays relatively cold, with maximum temperatures up to +28°C during the peaks.

These temperatures are however relatively far away from all-time June records, which are for Mediterranean above +45°C, in Balkan and France above +40°C and in Central Europe above +35°C.

Regional temperature records should surprise according to the newest materials only in British Islands or Scandinavia.

Cold Summer 2021 /https://mkweather.com/summer-2021-in-europe-will-be-colder-such-was-forecasted// therefore will start with opposite circulation pattern such was in long-term seasonal forecast predictedhot and dry Northwest and cold and stormy Southeast of Europe.

Situation however should later change /https://mkweather.com/experimental-cfsv2-forecast-for-summer-2021-in-europe-heavy-storms-short-peak-in-july-and-early-autumn-in-august-2021// and large parts of Europe should find themselves under stormy and cold pattern in the second half of June 2021 or in the first half of July 2021.

If you are exhausted from the coldest spring in some regions of Europe since 1987 /https://mkweather.com/the-coldest-spring-2021-in-europe-since-1987//, enjoy the following period as much as possible, because long term forecasts aren´t very favorable /https://mkweather.com/2021-22-little-ice-age-years-with-volcanic-activity-in-last-30-years-had-tendency-to-be-la-nina-during-solar-cycle-minimum/; https://mkweather.com/the-next-cold-winter-strong-la-nina-in-winter-2021-2022-forecasted//.

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