The coldest Spring 2021 in Europe since 1987?

It´s 27. May 2021 and European meteorologists and watchers are slowly starting to say about a possibility of the coldest spring in large parts of the continent since 1987 /e.g. The coldest spring in 30 years? Weather stats still have surprises in store – meteorologist (

The coldest spring in 34 years, since extremely cold years in 80-ies, with historic winters is according to ESRL composites possible from England and northern Spain to Belarus and Ukraine with seasonal temperature anomalies from -1,0°C to -2,5°C in 850 hPa. Anomalies from -0,5°C to -2,5°C in T2m are evident for approximately the same area such as mentioned anomalies in 850 hPa.

About extremely cold weather we were hearing from media during all last 5 months /, especially during the coldest April in England in 100 years /; April was extremely cold in Germany, Benelux or France too /, note: in Germany finally the coldest since 1977; ;;, moreover, we didn´t inform about national statistics for April 2021 for many European countries, where was even colder such as in northwestern Europe, regionally.

May 2021 is bringing very cold weather, too – problems with snow are reported from many populated mountainous regions /; (or unpopulated:; and snowing appeared in May 2021 in many lowlands, too /;;;;

While March 2021 brought late winter Arctic blasts and rounds of severe frosts, in April 2021 surprised unseasonable snowing and strong frosts up to -20,6°C in lower elevated European basins / May 2021 is bringing persisting situations with frosts and ground frosts, and such we mentioned before, mainly in early May 2021 appeared in European lowlands rare snowing.

Such we should see on H500 hPa anomalies, outflow of Arctic air from northern latitudes to Europe had favorable conditions thanks to low geopotential / low pressure anomaly with the middle above Baltic region, while Greenland high was anomalously strong and pushed Icelandic low, with zonal winds above northern parts of continental Europe (positive Zonal winds anomaly with middle above northern Poland). Meridional shift of air masses in main Gulf Stream track between Iceland, the UK and Norway was limited.

For official statements of meteorological agencies in Europe we should wait a few days, yet, but it appears, that soon we will be surprised with one of the coldest seasonal evaluations in Europe in 21st century.

Cold conditions are contributed mainly to series of associated factors such as La nina, solar cycle minimum, volcanic activity, AO-, NAO- phases, melting Arctic, GW hole above northern Atlantic or weakening of Gulf stream /; and others Mkweather articles (try key words in archive).

Seasonal forecasts for Summer 2021 and Winter 2021/2022 are therefore much colder such we during climate change have to expect /;

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