Northern Canada -42,7°C, Alaska -42,2°C, only 4°C above all-time November records!

The first serious winter frosts in North-American Arctic!

Yukon, Canada, and Alaska, the USA reported in the last days really severe frosts, only a few degrees from all-time November records.

Only in October and early November 2021, the region was hit by extremely high temperatures and anomaly so-called “Early Canadian Stratospheric Warming”.

This anomaly is a predictor of strong NAO- and AO- phases and legendary cold Decembers in Europe and coldwaves in the wider European region thanks to upcoming NAO- and AO- are really forecasted /;

Meanwhile, the Arctic has become in the last days the coldest in this season in the last 15 years and 21 ships were ice-locked in anomalously cold Arctic /the next Mkweather articles/.

Very cold Arctic has brought in Canadian and Alaskan Arctic extremely cold conditions – in Beaver Creek, Yukon, Canada, only -42,7°C and in Northway, Alaska, only -42,2°C was measured.

Its values are only around 4°C below the all-time monthly November averages and we should consider them for extremely cold measurements.

Meanwhile, in the southern USA are persisting unseasonable heatwaves /; and in British Columbia and southern Alaska, the atmospheric river is bringing 500-years floods /

Anomalously cold air is forecasted to flood Central Canada and later even the northern USA and Great Lakes, the USA, until Thanksgiving, even – cold air from the region, therefore, hit soon densely populated southern regions, too.

In the Great Lakes region and parts of southern Canada, blizzard conditions are(again) possible.

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