Poland +35,8°C, Czechia +35,7°C, Slovakia +34,8°C, while Hungary +38°C and Austria +37°C are waiting

Severe June heatwave already has started in East-Central Europe, too and here are measured temperatures from countries from Saturday and expected values for Sunday, 19.-20. June 2021.

Not only in Germany, Denmark and Sweden /Germany +36,6°C (Berlin), Denmark +33,5°C, but extreme storms are coming - mkweather; Germany +36,2°C so far, the weekend will be hellish, up to +37/+38°C is possible - mkweather; Sweden: The hottest June day since 1947, +34,6°C! - mkweather/, but too from Poland are already reported anomalous temperatures, on Saturday, 19. June 2021 up to +35,8°C in Swinoujscie, eastern Poland. Slubice reported +35,3°C or Sczeczin +34,2°C on Saturday. On Sunday, 20. June, up to +37°C is in Poland possible.

Extremely hot weather hit Czechia, with national maximum temperature from Saturday, 19. June 2021 +35,7°C in Plzeň /V Česku padlo několik teplotních rekordů, v neděli má být ještě větší horko ale i bouřky | Náš REGION (nasregion.cz)/. On Sunday, even hotter day is expected, around +37°C.

Hot day is after Slovakia and Austria. In Slovenský Grob, Slovakia, +34,8°C was on Saturday measured, while in Austria, +34,2°C in Hohenau was reached /Bis zu 37 Grad? Höhepunkt der Hitzewelle kommt erst | kurier.at/.

In Austria, maximum temperatures up to +37°C and in Hungary up to +38°C are on Sunday, 20. June 2021 possible /Fällt 37-Grad-Marke? - Höhepunkt der Hitze: Juni-Rekorde könnten purzeln | krone.at; 35 foknál is melegebbet hoz a hét első fele (idokep.hu)/, Slovakia should surprise with +36°C.

Even hotter should be Wednesday, 23. June 2021, with maximum temperatures up to +38°C in Austria and Slovakia (or maybe in Moravia) and with chance for +40°C in Hungary!

Wave of deadly heat gradually hits Italy and Balkan until the end of June 2021, while northern and western half of Europe will be bothered by severe storms and ex-tropical cyclone Bill /Europe is preparing for the worst storms of the year: Hailstorms, gusting winds, heavy rains with flash floods, damaging lighting, rare tornadoes... - mkweather; Severe storms are shifting from FR, UK, ES, PT, NL, BE to GE, CH, AU, IT - mkweather; Ex-tropical storm Bill hits British Islands, brings storms and strong cooldown - mkweather/.

It´s possible, that heatwaves into East-Central region will return at the end of June or the start of July 2021.

Illustration photo: Property Management Compliance Poland | Knight Frank Warsaw
Source: 35 foknál is melegebbet hoz a hét első fele (idokep.hu)
Source: Bis zu 37 Grad? Höhepunkt der Hitzewelle kommt erst | kurier.at

Source: wetterzentrale.de

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