Rare, 32 inches / 80 cm of snowfall in Atacama desert, Chile! More than the region has seen in the last half-century together!

Only in the last article we wrote about extreme winter in Argentina, with -20°C temperatures and historic 2 meters snowfall /https://mkweather.com/extreme-winter-in-argentina-2-meters-of-snow-and-20c-temperatures-after-a-powerful-antarctic-blast//.

Extreme snowstorm however hit windward parts of Chile, too, with a surprising snowfall records in northern parts of the country – in extremely dry Atacama desert.

In broder region of Atacama desert with Andes, up to 32 inches / 80 cm of fresh snow fall during this extreme Antarctic blast.

It wouldn´t be so surprising, if so extremely high snow cover in the region never appeared – it has snowed more than in the last half-century together!

Only before a short time, northern parts of Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil reported historic heatwave with +40°C and higher temperatures /https://mkweather.com/after-devastating-frosts-and-snowing-hottest-winter-times-ever-paraguay-409c-brazil-404c-argentina-392c-and-uruguay-340c/; https://mkweather.com/argentina-405c-in-winter-rivadavia//.

Between alternating of hot air masses by Antarctic air, severe storms with tornado even (in the winter!) appeared in Central Chile /https://mkweather.com/a-tornado-hit-tucapel-central-chile//.

Atlgough in early September 2021, the next hot period is prepared for southern and central South America, a big temperature changes during the rest of a month should have in early Spring 2021 the next negative effects into harvest, yet /https://mkweather.com/parana-river-with-the-lowest-levels-in-80-years-after-frosts-in-brazil-prices-of-coffee-on-a-6-year-high//.

Extreme coldwave at the weekend hit South Africa, too, with strong snowstorm in Cape Town region and severe, -10/-15°C frosts in populated basins /https://mkweather.com/south-africa-namibia-botswana-zimbabwe-and-mozambique-with-an-extreme-antarctic-blast-at-the-weekend-level-6-snow-warnings-in-sar//.

Accroding to Spring 2021 forecast however, dry and hot Spring will come after the last winter Antarctic blasts soon in many parts of Patagonia and moderate and subtropical climate zone in South Amrica /https://mkweather.com/spring-2021-forecast-for-south-america-floods-and-drought-in-many-regions//. 6 week temperature forecast until 11. October 2021 you will find here /https://mkweather.com/ecmwf-forecast-until-11-october-europe-north-america-world//.

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