Severe hailstorm in Bogota, Colombia

Heavy hail and rain flooded the streets of Bogota in Colombia on 2. June 2021.

Heavy rain and hails flooded city and Colombian capital for a time changed into white place.

Severe storm is captured on videos below.

Not a long time ago we have informed about extreme floods in Brazil /;, Colombia and Ecuador, with the highest levels of Amazon and Negro rivers in all-time history.

Extreme rainfall in the regions still persists over northwestern parts of South America – mainly in Colombia, neighboring parts of Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela and less in Guyana region and Peru.

Heavy rains in the region are triggered by phenomenon La nina, which effects weather around the world in 2021 and probably, it will be here in 2022, too /

Summer (or winter southward from equator – JJA) 2021 is forecasted to be extremely stormy mainly in northern regions of South America /, while large parts of central continent will report severe drought and in the south, winter conditions should surprise.
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Author: marekkucera
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