Bosnia and Herzegovina +29,9°C, Serbia +29,5°C, Croatia +28,8°C

On Tuesday, 5. October 2021 was peaking very probably the last tropical heatwave of the year 2021 in northern Balkan.

An ending warm spell in Central Europe and Balkan was a topic of more Mkweather articles /;, now we should look at peak of the heatwave in Balkan.

Zenica, Bosnia, and Herzegovina finally reached only +29,9°C, but it’s possible, that at some unknown Bosnian station, above +30,0°C was on Tuesday, 5. October 2021, measured.

Banja Luka reported +29,7°C and Gradacac +29,6°C. The all-time October record for Banja Luka has a value of +30,9°C.

In Loznica, Serbia, +29,5°C was on Tuesday measured, which is a 1,6°C lower value than the all-time October record for the city (+31,1°C).

In Daruvar, Croatia, +28,5°C was measured, but Gradiste reported +28,8°C and Slavonsky Brod +28,5°C already on Monday, 4. October 2021.

In Slavonsky Brod, the all-time October record has a value of +30,2°C, 1,7°C higher than the measured maximum temperature on Monday.

It´s very possible, that tropical and maybe summer days above +25°C won´t appear above the region minimally until 22. October 2021 – continental and parts of southern Europe namely expect a long-lasting coldwave, with a peak around the half of October 2021.

A cold series will start with very bad weather caused by a Mediterranean low already in the next days /

Frosts and maybe regionally snow in Balkan basins and valleys below 1000 MASL are possible and after the last breath of summer, a heating season will be in full swing including the warmest regions.

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