Rohrspitz, Austria with a minimum temperature above +20,0°C! The first October tropical night in the Austrian Alps in history!

Already in one of the last articles, we were informed about a forecasted warm spell between 3.-5. October 2021 in Central European countries /, before the arrival of powerful cold front from the west /;

It´s 3. October 2021 and weather news from the Alps are surprising – in Rohrspitz on the shore of Lake Constance, near Bregenz, northwesternmost part of Austria, the first time in the Austrian Alps in history, a tropical night with a minimum temperature above +20,0°C thanks to persisting strong foehn winds appeared from Saturday to Sunday (2.-3.10.).

Extremely warm was in Bregenz, too, with a minimum temperature of +15,5°C and a maximum temperature of +26,7°C, Brand reported a minimum temperature +16,7°C.

Summer temperatures were reported from Kufstein, +25,6°C, Salzburg, +26,0°C, or Dornbirn, +25,6°C, Wien reported +24,4°C.

Wind gusts in Patscherkofel, a peak in the Alps, reached 123 km/h, or in Guetsch, Switzerland 133 km/h, with effects of very strong foehn winds on the northern slopes of the Alps.

In Switzerland, +26,6°C in Giswil and +26,3°C in Altenrhein was measured.

The summer day was measured in Germany, too – Kempten reported +25,3°C.

Early next week will gradually summer days above +25°C shift above East-Central Europe and in northern Balkan (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), +30°C should be broken.

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