Heatwave for Iceland and Greenland! Temperature should reach above +25°C!

Only some time ago we informed about heatwaves above Greenland (up to +23,4°C) /https://mkweather.com/constable-pynt-greenland-near-iceland-234c-continental-ice-sheet-reports-giant-melting/; https://mkweather.com/heatwave-in-greenland-is-bringing-all-time-records-uppernavik-nw-205c-danmarkshavn-198c-e-sisimuit-218c-w-2021// and too about anomalous temperatures in Akureyri, Iceland, up to +27,5°C /https://mkweather.com/akureyri-iceland-275c-only-01c-below-all-time-july-record-ireland-301c-northern-ireland-313c-a-new-all-time-record-london-322c//.

Severe heatwaves in the regions are back and in the last few days, Greenland reported again above +20°C and in Akureyri, +23,5°C was on Tuesday, and +22,5°C on Wednesday, 10.-11. August, measured.

Forecasts for Iceland and parts of Greenland for the next 7 days are extremely hot and until Wednesday, 18. August 2021, rare summer days above +25°C should appear according to estimates in parts of Iceland and maybe in Greenland, too!

Then, a shorter coldwave will come and extremely warm advection should regenerate during the last summer decade, in late August or even early September 2021, thanks to strong high pressure westward from British Islands, shifting towards Europe.

The all-time temperature record for Iceland has a value of unbelievable +30,5°C from Teigarhorn, 22. June 1939 and all-time temperature record for Greenland even more unbelievable +30,1°C from Ivittuut from 23. June 1915.

Only in June 2021, Iceland was hit by a severe summer snowstorm /https://mkweather.com/iceland-tourists-rescued-from-snowstorm-and-extremely-cold-weather-2021//, therefore, summer weather on the island is very variable.

Meanwhile, North Africa and Europe are experiencing a record heatwave – in Italy and Tunisia, European and national records fell on 11. August 2021 (+48,8°C and +50,3°C) and in Algeria, wildfires caused 69 fatalities /https://mkweather.com/siracusa-italy-488c-european-all-time-temperature-record-was-broken/; https://mkweather.com/the-strongest-heatwave-in-europe-in-history-italy-with-a-new-temperature-record-470c-and-the-worst-is-only-coming/; https://mkweather.com/tunisia-503c-the-highest-temperature-in-the-country-in-modern-history/; https://mkweather.com/natural-disaster-in-algeria-69-dead-after-disastrous-wildfires-due-to-50c-heatwaves//.

Illustration photo: https://www.icelandair.com/blog/icelands-midnight-sun-2021/

Source: meteologi.com

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