Maximum temperatures only +3°C and the first snowing around 800 MASL in Central Europe already next week!

The following coldwave in Europe should surprise not only with severe frosts during its clear nights /, but according to the newest outputs, with the first snowing of Winter season 2021/2022 in lower situated and densely populated valleys and basins in Central Europe below 1000 MASL!

GFS currently expects 2 peaks of cold weather in continental parts of Europe during the following week – around Tuesday, 21. September 2021 and around Saturday, 25. September 2021, with T850 hPa (the temperature at the level of geopotential 850 hPa) 0/-5°C above central parts of the continent, moreover, with very humid air masses, with a possibility of snowing in Alpine, Carpathian, Dinaric lower situated basins, and valley and even, in lowlands in Belarus, or maybe Poland, Lithuania or Latvia!

The first snowing of the season should surprise mainly Bavaria, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania near maximum daily temperatures during the peaks of coldwave in mentioned regions with elevations around 800 MASL only +3°C, while minimum temperatures should drop near 0°C, later, during clear nights after a shift cyclonic region eastward, up to -5°C!

Lowlands won´t be very warm, too – in northeastern Poland, maximum temperature should reach only +4/+5°C, in Germanian lowlands only +6/+7°C, in northwestern Ukraine only +5°C, or in lowlands in Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania only +3°C!

Real-feel temperatures should be moreover even lower, thanks to wind gusts, cloudiness, or precipitation, therefore don´t forget to dress warmly.

According to current forecasts, warm weather is forecasted to return into continental Europe only around the start of October 2021, in western parts sooner /will be updated in the following Mkweather article/.

Coldwave should be associated with the worsening of the virological situation and collecting harvest will be more difficult such is usual.

Cold weather patterns are for the eastern half of Europe forecasted according to long-term forecasts almost until the end of October 2021 /;

Winter forecast is saying about colder the first half and warmer the second half of Winter 2021/2022, so far /;

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