The first severe frosts in southern Europe and the Alpine region! France/Switzerland -7,1°C, Slovenia -5,1°C, Spain -4,9°C, Austria -4,2°C, Germany -3,5°C, Croatia -2,9°C. The next 5 mornings should bring severe frosts, too!

Arctic blast in Europe continues with untraditionally strong frosts in more southern parts of the continent, such was expected.

While early this week frosts up to -10,2°C surprised the eastern half of continental Europe /, already on Wednesday were observed the first daily records in France and Spain /, but Thursday´s morning was even colder!

In La Brevine on the border of France with Switzerland, in around 1000 MASL, only -7,1°C was measured. Montlucon in central France reported according to Météo France -2,7°C and Gueret St. Laurent -2,5°C.

Extremely cold weather has shifted above Italy and Western Balkan, too. In the northwesternmost village of Slovenia – Ratece, on the border with Italy, around 500-600 MASL, only -5,1°C was measured.

Croatian Gospic in similar elevation, -2,9°C reported.

Extremely cold was in Nestares, Spain around 800 MASL, only -4,9°C!

From the Alpine region, from bigger cities, -4,2°C was reported from Weitensfeld, Austria, or -3,5°C from Oberstdorf, Germany. It´s possible, that elevations in the Alps with a snow cover should report temperatures similar such as La Brevine, or lower, up to -10°C in 1000 MASL.

Extremely cold air will be slowly shifting above south-central Europe and the northern Mediterranean in the next 5 days, yet, with the next severe frosts until early next week.

Frosts 0/-5°C, rarely up to -10°C should appear in frost valleys and basins with big temperature anomalies /maps below/.

After the very cold period, the next and very long Indian summer period will come already in the last 12 October days and in the first half of November 2021 /;

After late Indian summer, the legendary start of Winter 2021/2022 is still possible /;;



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