The first frosts in Spain (Reinosa, -4,2°C) and France (Ristolas, -4,9°C), new daily records observed!

Coldwave hit in the last days not only central, northern or southeastern parts of Europe, but extremely cold was in Spain or France, including regions below 1000 MASL!

The coldest was in Spain in Reinosa, 851 MASL on Tuesday, 12. October 2021, only -4,2°C. On Monday, 11. October the station reported -3,4°C.

On Wednesday, 13. October 2021, only -2,7°C was reported from Xinzo de Limia, Spain, only at 620 MASL, probably a new daily record for the station.

Interesting is, that only on 12. October, in Xinzo de Limia, a summer day with a maximum temperature of +25,1°C and on 13. October warm day with a maximum temperature of +24,1°C was measured.

In France, frosts up to -4,9°C in populated Alpine valleys were measured in Ristolas (around 1500 MASL).

Frosts however appeared in lower situated regions, too – Aurillac, 640 MASL reported on Monday and Wednesday, 11. and 13. October 2021, both, -1,3°C – on Wednesday is should be a new daily record for the station.

The next dose of cold air is currently shifting above Central Europe – Folldall Fredheim, southern Norway already reported -7,6°C and Isenvad, Denmark -1,7°C on Wednesday, 13. October 2021.

The next series of severe frosts, 0/-5°C, very rarely in the Alpine and Carpathian valleys below 1000 MASL with a snow cover up to -10°C are on Thursday and Friday, 14.-15. October expected – frosts hit Benelux and eastern France, regionally too /;

For Scandinavia, -30°C frosts were projected in the last days /

Extremely warm Indian summer is forecasted to return however already in the next week /; with a possibility of persisting until cca 15. November 2021 /

After the long-lasting Indian summer, legendary cold December 2021 – early January 2022 is possible according to seasonal forecasts /

A new daily records in Spain and France on Wednesday, 13.10. 2021 /source:
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