The hottest September day in Scotland in 115 years! Charterhall +28,6°C!

In the last days and hours, we were informed about extremely hot weather and temperature records in Wales (+30,7°C), England (+30,1°C) and Ireland (+28,6°C), France (+36,7°C), Spain (+39,2°C) and Portugal (+36,0°C/, northwestern Africa (Algeria +48,2°C, Morocco +44,5°C) / and Norway (+28,0°C) /

On Wednesday, 8. September 2021, Scotland is joining into these statistics, with the hottest September day since 1906.

In Charterhall, +28,6°C was measured, which is the highest September temperature in Scotland in the last 115 years!

On Tuesday, 7. September, +30,7°C was measured in Gogerddan, Wales, +30,1°C in Northolt, England, and +28,6°C in Ireland – in Ireland, it was similarly the hottest September day since 1906.

Summer weather should persist in parts of the British Islands until Friday, 10. September 2021, yet and rare summer days (above +25°C) are possible around the weekend 17.-19. September 2021, too.

Islands will probably avoid to storms associated with ex-Hurricane Larry, which should hit mainly Iceland and Greenland.

The most populated parts of the UK faced in August 2021 the 3rd dullest month in history / and France, the British Islands, northern Spain, Benelux, and western Germany experienced with colder and stormy Summer 2021 / – September 2021 is bringing a form of satisfaction in the region, with a quite powerful late-season heatwave.


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Author: marekkucera
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