Adrar, Algeria extreme +45,7°C in mid-September! Record hot weather continues!

Such as we forecasted in our Autumn forecast for North Africa, extreme heatwaves in the region are continuing / and Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia report still anomalously high temperatures.

The hottest is in Algeria – in Adrar, the maximum temperature on 15. September reached +45,7°C, which is a value at the level of all-time records for this season.

Temperatures above +45,0°C were measured in the last days in several cities (+Adrar) across the country, e.g. on 14.9. in Adrar +45,3°C, on 13.9. in Reggane. +45,3°C, on 12.9. in Ouallene +45,5°C or on 11.9. in Ouallene +45,6°C.

Temperatures between +40/+45°C were reported from parts of Morocco and Tunisia, too.

Heatwave from the region hit even Balkan and southern Central Europe during this workweek /, but western Europe is reporting already problems with heavy rains and floods /

In early September 2021, many temperature records in the region were measured, e.g. /;, according to The Guardian, Tunisia reported up to +50°C, too.

The forecast for the next 6 weeks is mostly hot /;, but in eastern regions, some coldwaves are temporarily possible. Very warm Autumn is forecasted in western Europe from Iberia to Iceland, too.

Winter 2021/2022 in North Africa should be colder in its first half, while in the second half, NE Pacific Warm blob anomaly and NAO+ should bring warmer pattern, however with colder and clear nights (but still warm days) including Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia / If this forecast will be modified, we will inform you in the next period on Mkweather homepage.

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Author: marekkucera
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