The last tropical days! North Macedonia +35,6°C, Bosnia and Herzegovina +35,2°C, Albania +34,1°C, Croatia +34,0°C, Serbia +33,6°C, Slovenia +32,9°C, Bulgaria +32,7°C, Montenegro +32,7°C, Romania +32,0°C, Hungary +31,7°C, Slovakia +31,6°C

The last supertropical (above +35°C) day in Balkan and the last tropical (above +30°C) days above south-Central Europe are after us and we should on Thursday, 16. September only summarize reached temperatures during the peak of heatwave around Wednesday, 15. September 2021 in the region.

On Tuesday, 14. September, the hottest temperatures, instead of Portugal, Spain, southern France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, where was very hot, too, were measured in Gevgelija, North Macedonia, +34,8°C, Knin, Croatia, +34,0°C, Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, +34,0°C, Quiteti Stalin, Albania, +33,6°C, Podgorica, Montenegro, +32,7°C, Sandanski, Bulgaria, +32,3°C, Drobeta, Romania, +32,0°C, Veliko Gradiste, Serbia, +31,6°C, Cerklje Ob Krki, Slovenia, +31,2°C and Kaposvar, Hungary, +30,0°C.

Wednesday, 15. September was a peak of the heatwave in many countries. In Gevgelija, North Macedonia, +35,6°C, in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina +35,2°C, in Gjirokastra, Albania, +34,1°C, Leskovac, Serbia, +33,6°C, Sisak, Croatia +33,5°C, Novo Mesto, Slovenia, +32,9°C, Sandanski, Bulgaria, +32,7°C, Podgorica, Montenegro, +32,6°C, Baja, Hungary, +31,7°C, Hurbanovo, Slovakia, +31,6°C and Drobeta, Romania, +31,2°C was measured.

On Thursday, 16. September, the last tropical day in northern parts of the region were measured, while in the next days, heatwave will be pushed more southward. In Gevgelija, North Macedonia, +34,3°C, Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, +33,1°C, Quiteti Stalin, Albania, +32,0°C, Sandanski, Bulgaria, +32,0°C, Novi Sad, Serbia, +31,9°C, Craiova, Romania, +31,4°C, Gradiste, Croatia, +30,8°C and Szeged, Hungary, +30,5°C, was measured.

Such we forecasted in series of articles before /, powerful coldwave is waiting for large parts of Europe, including mentioned region, and outlook until 25. October 2021 is very cold, too /


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