Cold Christmas in Europe and warm in the USA?

Main features from the last Mkweather Christmas 2021 forecast for Europe and North America have stayed very similar – mainly a tendency to the warm Christmas in the USA and colder patterns in Europe /

It looks more such as NAO- such as its hemispheric equivalent AO-, because cold air is situated mainly in Eurasia and Northern Africa, while eastern Canada and large parts of the USA are very warm on the lastest outputs of ECMWF /

Traditionally cold should be Alaska and western Canada.

The first estimates about warmer northern and western Europe during Christmas haven´t been in the last outputs confirmed.

Cold air masses above Europe should be remnants of a previous very cold AO-/NAO- period from late November and early December 2021 /;;;;;

However, above Greenland and European Arctic already shouldn´t be so many doses of extremely cold air – all this air should flood during Christmas time Europe.

Warm Christmas in eastern Canada should be regionally without the snow, while in the southern USA should surprise summer temperatures above +25°C, or even locally +30°C (above 77°C or 86°F).

Hopes for colder weather remain in Alaska, western and central Canada, Northwest, USA, Northern Plains, USA or maybe Great Lakes region, gradually.

It is still a question if cold weather patterns will continue until a New Year 2022 in Europe, or if January really brings a peak of Winter 2021/2022 in the region, such was mentioned in the last Mkweather winter forecast /

Christmas 2021 are here already in a month and Mkweather will update the outlook approximately 6-times until then, yet.

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Author: marekkucera
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