Summit Camp, Greenland: -55,6°C! Probably never has been so extremely cold so early in the season!

Again at the level of all-time seasonal temperature records!

Already in October 2021, the minimum temperature in Summit Camp dropped to -50,8°C, which was only 0,6°C above the all-time historic monthly record / and Greenland again attacks the coldest times to date.

In altitude 3214 MASL, only -55,6°C was on Sunday, 7. November measured, what is possibly the lowest temperature so early in the season in history.

All-time October record has a value of -51,4°C, all-time November record -60,0°C, all-time December record -63,0°C, all-time January record -61,2°C and all-time February record -63,2°C /

A current minimum temperature was therefore only 7,6°C above the all-time winter record for one of the coldest stations on the Earth!

In the last month, anomalously cold conditions have persisted in the Greenland region in several waves.

In Station Nord, -28,5°C was in the last October days measured, Kap Morris Jesup reported -27,3°C in the middle of October 2021, Henrik Kroeyer Holme reported -25,0°C on 31. October, or Danmarkshavn -24,1°C on 30. October 2021, from populated stations.

Extremely cold air masses from Greenland will soon flood large parts of Europe /; and North Africa and Asia.

The persistent negative phase of Arctic Oscillation (AO-) is forecasted until mid-December 2021 /, with a result of creating extremely cold air masses above Greenland, Canada, and Siberia and subsequent cold blasts during a destabilization of a polar vortex in Europe, North America, Asia, and North Africa.

It´s possible, that until mid-December 2021, a magical -60,0°C will be reached in the coldest parts of Greenland, such as one of the coldest measured temperatures in the region ever, or at least after the year 2000.

Meanwhile, in Siberia, in early November 2021, temperatures dropped already to -40°C / and until early December 2021, temperatures up to -55°C are possible.

Winter 2021/2022 forecast update you will find here:

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Author: Marek Kučera