Europe expects 10 days of Arctic winter! Continental Europe -20°C, Scandinavia and Moscow region -30°C!

Before a possible extreme November winter in Europe, we have warned already in the previous article /

Extremely cold conditions are in several runs of GFS confirming and already between 14.-23. November Europe gradually hits from north to the south a 10-day Arctic and Siberian coldwave!

Circulation patterns should be quite interesting already around 18. November 2021, when on the backside of Icelandic low will shift above western half or Europe extremely cold air with Greenland origin, while above Central Europe, the Baltic region and Scandinavia should shift original Siberian air from Siberia past the south side of Siberian high from east to the west!

Both anomalously cold air masses should bring temperatures below -20°C in continental European frosts and densely populated basins and valleys below 1000 MASL, including France, Germany, Alpine region, East-Central Europe, or northwestern Balkan.

Widespread snow cover or least snow sleets are forecasted across Europe, too, including traditionally warmer France or Germany.

In Scandinavia and Moscow region, Russia, temperatures should drop even lower – below -30°C and the arrival of winter should be accompanied by blizzard conditions.

The peak of Arctic winter should be associated with many problems – e.g. on roads and highways, health issues such as higher incidence of heart attacks, a worsening of a virological situation or bad influence to many types of cancer, there should appear hypothermia (near long-lasting outdoor activities), there should appear problems with a gas crisis in some countries.

Real-feel temperatures near possible blizzard conditions mainly in the mountains should be even lower, including the Alps, Pyrenees, or the Carpathians, temporarily around -35°C in higher altitudes. Wind chill will be very low in many lowlands and open basins, too, possibly below -20°C regionally.

Widespread ice days (all day frosts with a maximum temperature below 0°C), or rarely even Arctic days (maximum temperature below -10°C in selected valleys) should appear during the period not only in Scandinavia and Russia but too in continental Europe.

Northern Hemisphere will sink into a long-lasting AO-phase, with a gradual shift of Arctic air masses from Greenland, the Arctic, and Siberia into lower latitudes.

The 42-day forecast for 32 cities in the wider European region you will find here:

Winter conditions then should return until 15. December yet, but Christmas 2021 preliminary appears warmer /

Severe blizzard and coldwaves are forecasted thanks to AO- phase in the USA, too / and the first Major blizzard in Winter season 2021/2022 is reported from China, too (a topic of one of the next Mkweather articles).

The last update of Mkweather Winter 2021/2022 forecast you should visit here / – after warmer period around Christmas and New Year´s Eve, the next period with severe frosts should come to Europe in January 2022, while in North America and many parts of Asia and North Africa, a peak of the winter in February 2022, is possible.

All articles about the cold weather in Europe in chronological order you will find here:

We will furthermore watch the situation and in the case of the next confirmations of abnormally cold GFS outputswe will inform you in the next days on our homepage.

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