Egypt +37,4°C, Israel +36,0°C, Turkey +33,8°C (Adana – only 0,5°C below all-time November record), Cyprus +33,4°C!

Extremely hot weather hit in the last days eastern Mediterranean.

After temperature records in Europe – Spain +32,5°C, Austria +24,3°C, Estonia +15,8°C, Georgia +27,2°C, Bulgaria +32,4°C, Greece +29,8°C, Albania +30,0°C (update), Romania +28,9°C, Italy +28,3°C, Serbia +27,5°C, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina +25,5°C, Croatia +24,8°C, Hungary +24,7°C or Moldova +23,7°C (;, extremely hot air masses have shifted eastward, with tropical or supertropical temperatures across eastern-Mediterranean countries.

The hottest was traditionally in southern Egypt – Aswan reported on 5. November 2021 +37,4°C.

Israel according to / reported +36,0°C.

Extremely hot was in Adana, Turkey, too, on 8. November 2021 tropical +33,8°C, which is only 0,5°C below the all-time November record for the city and probably the hottest temperature so late in the season.

Astromeritis in Cyprus reported anomalous +33,4°C on 7. November 2021.

In the next week, hot air masses will be shifting farther above the Middle East and south-Central Asia, with the next temperature records, while Europe and gradually North Africa and neighboring Asia (including the northern Middle East) will sink into Arctic winter /;;

If you live in the eastern Mediterranean, try to enjoy the last summer-like weather pattern, because already soon, long cold, rainy, windy and in the mountains, snowy and frosty winter is after the heatwave approximately possibly until the end of the year 2021 forecasted.

Into Europe and neighboring continents will shift extremely cold air from Greenland /, soon.

Winter 2021/2022 forecast update you will find here:

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