Labaznaya, Siberia, -24,9°C, at the level of seasonal temperature records

Only before few days, we were informed about a new September temperature record from Delyankir, Siberia (-22,0°C) / and news from the Arctic and Antarctica from the last days were extremely cold, too /;;

Meanwhile, northeastern Siberia reports even stronger frosts, on 8. October 2021 in Labaznaya -24,9°C – if we look at the daily temperature records for this season for the region, temperature extremes are moving only around -25°C.

Interesting were minimum temperatures in Susuman on 5. October 2021, too, with only -22,3°C, which is close to levels of seasonal temperature records, too.

Severe frosts in Autumn 2021 have come extremely early in Oymyakon, too /

Only before a short time, a new forecast for Winter 2021/2022 from Russian meteorologists were published in many media /, with expected extreme frosts already in December 2021 and early January 2021. These forecasts are set with Mkweather Winter 2021/2022 predictions, so far / and Mkweather will update the Winter outlook already in the next days.

On Saturday, 9. October 2021, a belt of cold air (possibly linked with a current NAO- phase) will be situated across all Eurasia, while the North American sector is living a powerful Indian summer and extreme frosts and snow hit/hits mainly western parts.

After colder temperature anomalies in October, the first half of November should bring warmer weather in parts of Siberia, too /

European October 2021 coldwave /; will gradually shift above Western Siberia and Central Asia, therefore, the next extreme temperatures in Siberia in October 2021 will be still possible.

Illustration photo – Oymyakon in winter /


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