November heatwave hits Europe: Germany +25°C, France +30°C, Spain +33°C!

About the arrival of extremely hot late Indian summer, we were informed in a series of articles before /; /

It´s 24. October, approximately a week before a peaking of an anomalous heatwave and GFS is abnormally hot outputs still confirming!

National maximum temperatures should be even higher than values on forecast maps, around 2-3°C, therefore central Europe should experience with hot November summer day (above +25,0°C) regionally, while France, Spain, and Portugal will report hot tropical days (above +30,0°C).

A maximum temperature in Spain and Portugal will reach up to +33°C.

Southwestern France should report +30°C and large parts of France will report the summer day above +25°C.

Summer +25°C is forecasted for north-central parts of Germany, including Frankfurt and Berlin region.

All countries of Central Europe and England will report a national maximum in interval +20/+25°C.

In Italy, +30°C is possible, the coast of Western Balkan should report +28°C and continental Balkan and southern Ukraine +20/+25°C.

Summer and tropical temperatures hit warmer parts of Turkey, too, southern Scandinavia should report around +18°C, Denmark above +20°C.

Temperatures like these are in November in Europe extremely rare and all-time temperature records are highly probable and will be under a big Mkweather watch.

If you like hot Indian summer, we recommend you to use early November 2021 days for outdoor activities, before a possible severe cooldown with snowing and frosts between 15.-30. November 2021 / and subsequent possible extreme start of Winter 2021/2022 /

Basemap: ECMWF (below)
The first 2 November weeks in Europe (temperature anomalies). Source:


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