The coldest June since 1995! Perth, Australia affected by extremely cold Antarctica

Australia in Winter 2021 experience with extreme Spider season and Mice plague /; and thanks to La nina is very cold and stormy.

However, in the Perth region, southwestern Australia, in contrary, dry (but still very cold) anomaly in June 2021 appeared and the first month of the winter ended such as the coldest June since 1995 (in 26 years)!

The average monthly temperature in the city reached only +12,9°C and temperatures only slightly above zero appeared /

It was also the lowest average daytime temperature for 28 years for Western Australia as a whole according Burreau of Meteorology.

In the most populated, southeastern parts of Australia, La nina is bringing cold and rainy conditions, which is associated with spider season and mice plague – lack of drought, any wildfires, and fewer heatwaves are good conditions for plant growth, which subsequently provide a lot of food and increased risk of floods (food for mice, flood such as factor of escaping spiders for creating spider nets).

Moreover, cooling Antarctica near La nina provides a lot of extremely cold Antarctic air masses /;;;; for cold blasts in Australia, but South America or South Africa, too /;;

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Author: marekkucera
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