Venezuela and Colombia with persisting floods, Caracas underwater

While central parts of South America are currently reporting a historic coldwave, with record frosts in Paraguay, Bolivia, and southern Brazil, northward from Amazon are still persisting heavy rains, with widespread floods, including metropolitan areas.

The situation in central parts of South America we have watched here: /;;

Now we should look at Venezuela and Colombia.

The region reported severe floods permanently since Winter 2020/2021 thanks to La nina, a pattern that is bringing to northern South America above-average precipitation.

Floods in Amazon, Colombia, Venezuela, and Guyana region we were mapping in the articles e.g. /;;;; or

According to the last information, only last week, around 5 days before the end of June 2021, severe floods hit Caracas and Miranda regions, Venezuela, and some parts of Colombia, too.

Such we should see in the videos below, the flood in Caracas was really strong, with high floodwater in the capital city of Venezuela.

Forecasts until 20. July are bad and it´s needed to expect the next heavy rain not only in northern South America but too above Central America, where has ITCZ shifted.

Meanwhile, above the Caribbean and the USA has already shifted the first hurricane of the season 2021 – Elsa, which should surprise such as Category 1-3 hurricane not only Antilles, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba, but to Florida, eastern Gulf Coast, and SE USA and even Mid-Atlantic /;

Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago are partially hit by Hurricane Elsa, too, which will bring the next potential heavy rains.

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