Base Esperanza, Antarctica +10°C, while Vostok before a week -80°C

The highest temperature ever recorded on Antarctica was +20,8°C (69,3°F) at Comandante Ferraz Station on 9. February 2020, beating the previous record of +18,3 °C (64,9 °F) at Base Esperanza on 6. February 2020.

However, before more than an year, summer was in full swing and El nino pattern dominated to climate wolrdwide.

Now, late Autumn in Southern Hemisphere is here, but Base Esperanza, in northernmost part of Antarctica, reported +10,0°C on Sunday, 16. May 2021.

It´s not record temperature for May (+17,2°C), but still around +14°C warmer than average for this season at the station.

On the other hand, extremely cold Vostok already before a week, on 9. May 2021 reported almost the first -80°C of the season (-79,5°C).

Long-term measurements and comparison of period 1984-2014 with previous period 1950-1980 are showing, that Antarctic Peninsula is warming very quickly, while rest of the continent is showing cooling trend.

Climate feedbacks in Antarctica in relation with current La nina pattern is a subject of interest our previous articles about Antarctica /;;;;

Important is mainly albedo effect of freezing fresh water (sea ice) above Southern Ocean from melted continental ice, which is main reason of cooling in the region with possible association into coldwaves across continents of Southern Hemisphere.

Ongoing La nina during Winter 2021 should bring surprisingly cold conditions above continental parts of Antarctica and temperatures should drop very close to -90°C in the next months. However, in Antarctic Peninsula, temperatures should reach in Winter months still values above 0°C.

In July, temperatures in Base Esperanza should drop up to -38,4°C, in Vostok station up to -89,2°C.

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