Snowing in the Netherlands on 7. May! Extremely rare!

Extremely rare May snowfall hit during snowstorm on Friday, 7. May 2021 southern Netherlands.

Snow appeared in the Provinces of Limburg and North Brabant on border with Belgium and Germany.

Snowing was in last days reported too from the UK, northern France, Belgium or Germany.

In some regions, snowing in May appeared after 50 years! (a topic of the next Mkweather article).

Lowlands in the Netherlands surprised heavy snowing during moving of powerful T-storm in the morning, near temperatures only around 0/+1°C according to weather tool.

Only 2 days earlier, on Wednesday, 5. May 2021, snowing was reported from Belgium from elevations above 300 MASL, e.g. in Mont Rigi.

Already on Sunday, 9. May 2021, summer days with temperatures +25/+28°C are forecasted for Benelux, but then, Europe is waiting next rounds of severe T-storms and colder conditions /

Western Europe stays cold during May 2021 thanks to cyclonic systems moving from Atlantic above western half of Europe.

Gradually, the next rounds of heavy T-storms are forecasted for mid-latitudes in Europe, but for the next snowing, ideal conditions are almost impossible to reach in May.

However, ground frosts or even frosts until the end of May 2021 should still surprise.

Extremely cold weather in Spring 2021 in Europe is associated with anomalously cold Earth thanks to La nina, series of volcanic eruptions and minimum of current solar cycle activity /

Minimum temperature on 7. May 2021 in Netherlands during the storm. Source:

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