Austria: maximum temperature only -5,0°C

Extreme late winter blast! Unexpectedly strong frosts hit at the weekend, 20.-21. March 2021 not only Czechia (-24,6°C: and Slovakia (-18,4°C:, but too Poland (the next article) or Austria (-16,8°C).

In Austria, more interesting such as minimum, were maximum temperatures.

In some basins and valleys with snow cover in altitudes below 1000 MASL, all-day frost with temperature maximum only -5,0°C was observed (Bärnkopf).

According to server, temperatures up to -16,8°C were reported from Austria on Sunday, 21. March from altitudes below 1200 MASL.

In Wien, Schwechat, minimum temperature on Sunday reached only -7,7°C and maximum temperature +1,9°C, with snowing or snow showers.

In Salzburg, all-day frost was measured (temperature maximum -0,8°C), Innsbruck reported maximum temperature only 0,1°C or Linz +1,0°C.

This coldwave was on Mkweather forecasted in previous period /

Now, extreme warm weather is expected mainly in Western, but too in Central Europe /
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Author: marekkucera
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