Oravská Lesná, Slovakia: -18,4°C, Hurbanovo (the warmest station), -8,2°C, the coldest 21. March in 121 years

The coldest 21. March in history, this is a result of the second extreme March cold blast in Slovakia.

As we have warned a few days before /https://mkweather.com/last-5-freezing-mornings-before-warm-summer-season-europe-extreme/; https://mkweather.com/continental-europe-reports-snowing-in-lowlands-and-basins-germany-131c-frosts-will-be-at-the-weekend-stronger/; https://mkweather.com/we-will-suffer-extremely-cold-mornings-until-24-march-in-parts-of-central-europe-yet-extreme-2021/; https://mkweather.com/europe-the-strongest-frosts-hits-at-the-weekend-20-21-march-in-valleys-in-czechia-and-france-20c-possible//, a region is really bothered by extreme coldwave, with peak at the weekend, 20.-21. March 2021.

Very good conditions for extreme frosts such as snow cover or very dry air have brought into parts of Slovakia regionally the coldest morning in 121 years, including the warmest region in lowlands in southeast.

Hurbanovo, the warmest Slovakian station reported on Sunday, 21. March minimum temperature only -8,2°C.

Even colder was in Slovakian frost, but densely populated basins and valleys, Oravská Lesná, 760 MASL closely to Polish and Czechian borders reported only -18,4°C and snow cover.

Maximum temperature in Oravská Lesná reached on Sunday only around -4°C and its possible, that there were stations with maximum temperature below -5,0°C in Slovakia in altitudes below 1000 MASL.

In neighboring Czechia, -24,6°C was on Sunday measured in frost valleys in the north /https://mkweather.com/czechia-with-extremely-cold-morning-246c//, only 7,5°C warmer such as during February 2021 extreme coldwaves.

Extreme frosts are reported from larger region of Central Europe – Germany, Austria or Poland reported in last days similar conditions, with widespread snowing or snow showers.

Cold weather is forecasted to end around Wednesday, 24. March 2021 and then, extreme warm weather is expected mainly in Western, but too in Central Europe /https://mkweather.com/paris-27c-at-the-end-of-march-is-possible-extreme-hw/; https://mkweather.com/summer-and-stormy-start-of-april-2021-in-the-uk-france-germany-and-benelux-extreme/; https://mkweather.com/the-first-summer-heatwave-25c-and-powerful-storms-on-cold-front-already-at-the-end-of-march-extreme-weather//.

Illustration photo: https://www.noviny.sk/galeria/5990-kalamita-v-oravskej-lesnej/972bb0c0939e0c9c151b8d1cdc3db09e

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