Zakopane, Poland: -14,1°C, in Carpathian valleys temperatures should be lower

In series of last articles, we have informed about extreme cold weather in Central Europe.

In Czechia, -24,6°C was measured on Sunday, 21. March and these temperatures were even lower, than Mkweather expected /

In Slovakia, all-time records for 21. March were observed in lowlands and in the coldest basins, minimum temperatures reached only -18,4°C /

In Austria, temperatures in altitudes below 1200 MASL dropped up to -16,8°C, but more interesting were maximum temperatures, which in valleys below 1000 MASL reached rarely up to -5,0°C /

Similar situation such in Czechia, Slovakia and Austria should be in Carpathian valleys in Poland, with possible temperatures in interval -15/-20°C.

Within main meteorological stations from IMGW site, the coldest was according to official statements of service in Zakopane, only -14,1°C.

On Friday, -13,1°C was measured in Oberstdorf, Germany, too /

Many parts of Central Europe, including Poland, during last week reported snow showers, regionally snowfall with creating of a snow cover.

Now, 2 very cold mornings are waiting us (in Central Europe) on Monday and Tuesday /

From Wednesday, 24. March, situation should become better, with extreme warm spell in western and central Europe / – the newest outputs of GFS expect really warm temperratures, with estimates up to +25°C for western Poland, too on 31. March 2021, what will be a topic of the next article.

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