Czechia with extremely cold morning: -24,6°C!

Cold blast in central-European region was even stronger than was expected. In series of next 4 articles we will describe extremely frosts, which hit on Sunday, 21. March Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and Poland.

In the first country from the row, Czechia, surprised anomalous and extremely low spring temperatures – the lowest within all continental European countries.

About possiblity of extreme frosts in Czechian valleys we have warned a few days ago /

About extreme low temperatures in Czechia informed portal Refresher /

In station Perla-Kvilda, minimum temperature -24,6°C was reached.

In many regions in Czechia, all-time temperature records for 21. March were reached.

Maximum temperatures in colder regions stayed below 0°C during the day and ice days with all-day frosts are reported.

E.g. in Pec pod Sněžkou, 816 MASL, is still 42 cm of snow and temperatures on Sunday, 21. March 2021, were moving in interval -12,0°C and -0,2°C.

In Prague, temperatures are oscillating between -3,7°C and +4,5°C and in Brno only between -7,3°C and +1,5°C on Sunday. Ostrava reports ice day with temperatures -7,0°C to -0,7°C.

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