Austria with anomalous +24,3°C, Indian summer in Central Europe has started to peaking

An extremely warm end of October hit already Alpine region – mainly Austria, Switzerland, and southern Germany, such as parts of Balkan, East-Central, and Eastern Europe.

After Spain and France /, anomalously warm air has shifted eastward and foehn localities already reported almost summer +25,0°C (on 30. October 2021).

After Central Europe, summer and tropical heatwave expect Italy, Balkan, Greece, Turkey, and Ukraine /;

The warmest was on Saturday, 30. October 2021 in Austria – Waindhofen / Ybbs reported extreme +24,3°C, Saint Wolfgang +22,7°C, Bischofshofen +21,1°C or Lunz +21,0°C.

Very interesting is, that Waindhofen / Ybbs reported the warmest temperature of the month October 2021 on the same day, such as the coldest measured temperature in the ending month (-1,7°C) /table below/.

Very warm was in Oberstdorf, Germany, 810 MASL, too, +19,9°C.

From very warm localities we should mention Dubrovnik, Croatia, with +22,9°C, Bar, Montenegro, with +22,4°C, Hvar, Croatia, with +22,0°C, Podgorica, Montenegro, with +21,8°C, Knin, Croatia with +21,8°C, Livno in Bosnia and Herzegovina with +20,0°C.

Przemysl in Poland reported +20,3°C, Tarnow, +20,2°C, Nowy Sadz +19,7°C, Wroclaw +19,5°C or Krakow +19,3°C.

During the next week, the late-season heatwave will shift above Balkan, Eastern Europe, and Turkey, with expected temperatures above +30°C in Italy, Greece, Albania, and Turkey, around +27/+28°C in Serbia, Romania, and Ukraine, and +25°C across Balkan.

It is very probably the last similar heatwave until March or April 2022 – already between 10. November – 15. December, extreme coldwaves in Europe, thanks to AO-, are expected /;;

Mkweather Winter 2021/2022 forecast you will find here:;;

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