Norway: The first +30,0°C in 2021, many countries for tropical days are only waiting

Pressure high above Scandinavia has brought the first +30,0°C of the season in Norway (Nesbyen) on 30. May 2021.

Finland was hit by Russian-Arctic heatwave / in last weeks, with tropical temperatures, too.

However, many, including Mediterranean countries, for the first +30°C of the year are only waiting.

Surprising is mainly fact, that in Croatia, any tropical day hasn´t occured during the Spring 2021, although already in February 2021, during extreme winter heatwave, +26,4°C was in the country measured /

According to /, tropical days still haven´t occurred in Slovenia, Moldova, Switzerland, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Ireland, so far.

This fact is a result of possible the coldest Spring in large parts of Europe since 1987 /;

During the next weeks, dry air masses are expected to persist over NW/N Europe, with result of hot summer weather in British Islands and Scandinavia, for a time /

The first +30°C is expected to be broken in many continental European countries in next 2 weeks, too /;

Rest of Summer 2021, however, should be in N-NW Europe colder than average / and rainy and stormy pattern should return soon.

Illustration photo: Top 7 Lapland and Northern Norway Summer Experiences | kimkim
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