Scandinavia with the coldest October temperatures since 2006! Nattavaara, Sweden, -24,6°C!

Long-termly expected extreme Arctic blast in Scandinavia is peaking and on Sunday, 24. October 2021, record low temperatures were measured /;

9 meteorological stations in Sweden and Finland reported in the morning minimum temperatures only -20-/-25°C, with the coldest report from Nattavaara, where -24,6°C was measured.

This temperature is the lowest minimum temperature in Scandinavia in October since the year 2006 (in the last 15 years).

In Latnivaara, Sweden, -23,5°C, in Nikkaluokta, Sweden, -23,0°C, in Pajala, Sweden, -22,2°C, in Ranjson, Sweden, -21,5°C, in Salla, Finland, -21,3°C, in Sodankyla Vuotso, Finland, -21,2°C, in Parkalompolo, Sweden, -21,1°C, and in Ylinenjarvi, Sweden, -20,4°C was measured.

Moreover, northern parts of Scandinavia report anomalous up to 50 cm of snow – so high snow cover hasn´t been measured here in October decades, too.

Extreme early cold blast in Scandinavia is linked with a persisting October 2021 NAO- phase, but too with anomalously cold Arctic (only 3 years in the last 15 years had higher Arctic Sea Ice Extent: and the last extreme coldwave in Greenland /

Until 10. November, so extreme minimum temperatures aren´t forecasted for Scandinavia, so far and Indian summer in many parts of Europe is predicted – above central parts with possibly abnormal temperatures up to +25°C /

However, anomalously cold winter conditions should return already around late November and in December and early January 2021-2022, when according to many sources, the extreme Arctic and Siberian blasts in Europe are possible /;;

Illustration picture: Sources – Infoclimat,, SHMI, Zdenek Nejedly Twitter
Minimum temperatures on 24. October 2021 in the region. Illustration map: Infoclimat
Snow cover in Scandinavia on 24. October 2021 /Source:,

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