Seattle with the coldest October day since 1899, Vancouver since 1958!

Not only anomalously snowy and cold in the Rocky Mountains, with up to 40 inches / 1 meter of snow /, but too extremely cold October days along the Pacific coast in Northwest, the USA and British Columbia, Canada!

With a high of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 36 degrees Fahrenheit, for an average of 43 degrees Fahrenheit (10°C, 2°C, and 6°C), it was on 12. October 2021 is the coldest day so early in October in Seattle since 1899 /

The high of 9,3°C / 48.7°F in Vancouver on 12. October 2021 was the lowest high this early into Fall in 63 years (8,3°C on 8. October 1958)!

Snow surprised not the only Rocky Mountains, but already westernmost parts of Midwest and Northern Plains, too – according to news from Twitter, in South Dakota fell rarely up to 27 inches / 70 cm of snow only in 24 hours!

Moreover, such a higher described blizzard /the first link above/ is shifting above Midwest, for the central USA has started to be valid a tornado warnings!

Meanwhile, Texas is experiencing severe storms associated with remnants of Hurricane Pamela and floods /;

Hot Indian summer /;, therefore, has shifted above East Coast and Eastern Canada, with summer temperatures and temperature records.

The good news is, that according to 6-week forecasts /maps here:, warm weather should return to the western half of the USA, until the Winter 2021/2022, yet.

However, in all Canada and the northern USA, very cold Winter 2021/2022 is forecasted, with a peak around February 2022 /;;

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