The UK: Frosts up to -10°C or even -12°C will be possible

Although most of the days in the outlook for the British Islands are relatively warm, without morning frosts, the second decade of November 2021 should bring mainly to Scotland a freezing surprise, and temperature should drop the first time of the year up to -10°C, maybe -12°C!

About possible extreme frosts in Europe already in the next week we were informed in the last articles /;

Extremely cold air should shift above British Islands from Greenland and the Arctic.

The most probable region with severe frosts after 10. November 2021 is Germany, Alpine region, and Czechia, so far, frosts should surprise France, northern Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Benelux, or even northern Portugal, too.

According to current estimates, the minimum temperature should drop to -10/-15°C in the coldest continental European basins and valleys and severe frosts, unsurvivable for flowers and plants (-2/-8°C) should hit many lowlands, too.

In Scandinavia, frosts up to -30°C are possible, in Central Europe or France, rarely up to -15°C, in northern Spain, Scotland, Benelux, or Poland, -10°C isn´t fully excluded.

Frosts should appear in warmer parts of England or Ireland, too – in many regions it should be the first significant frosts of the season.

It appears, that it will be only the first peak of coldwaves, expected minimally until 15. December 2021 – in the second November decade and the first December decade, even stronger frosts and snowfall are possible.

Winter 2021/2022 forecasts you will find here: /

Illustration picture:

Expected temperature anomalies in 850 hPa and 2m on 18. November 2021 /


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