Almost tropical day near Canadian borders! Madison, Minnesota, +29°C / 84°F

Announced spring heatwave hasn´t arrived yet / and in Northern Plains and Great Lakes region already surprised extremely warm, summer, almost tropical days!

In Madison, Minnesota, not so far from Canadian border, +29°C / +84°F was on Monday, 29. March 2021 measured.

This summer spell is a result of one of cyclonic system, which were forecasted to hit eastern half of the USA until the start of April 2021 / The first of these cyclones already brought historic floods to Nashville, Tennessee at the weekend /

Before an arrival of this, the first forecasted storm, extreme early spring heatwave was reported from all East Coast and Florida, too /

Tropical air masses are very good developed now, after severe heatwaves in Sahara /  Middle East and Central Asia /, India /, Southeastern Asia /, Pakistan / or Mexico /

Just extremely hot air form Mexico is forecasted to shift above the USA and Canada towards Greenland during the next 2 weeks, therefore, until 12. April, the first tropical +30°C will be maybe, in southern Canada, measured, too.

Illustration photo: Think Summer: Ten MN Waterfalls that Will Take Your Breath Away (

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Author: marekkucera
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