Sahara is extremely hot: Niger +45,2°C, Sudan +45,0°C, Chad +44,5°C and Egypt +44,0°C

About extreme heatwave in Saharan countries has informed a Twitter page Extreme Temperatures Around The World.

Extreme heatwaves hit during last period many countries in tropical climate zone or regions with dry monsoonArabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, +42,8°C) /, Thailand (+42,4°C) / or Mexico (+44,1°C) /

Sahara is already in March 2021 exremely hot, what is in accordance with Mkweather Spring and Autumn 2021 forecast for Africa /

From Sahara, large heatwave / warm spell is forecasted to shift above Europe during the next period /

Back to measured temperatures above Saharan states – the hottest was in last days in eastern half of North Africa, with the highest temperature anomalies above Egypt.

Egypt however reported “only” +44,0°C in Kharga, while in Sudan, temperatures up to +45°C were measured.

Even hotter was in Sahel region – in Chad, N´Djamena, +44,5°C and in Maine Soroa, Niger, +45,2°C was measured.

Extreme heatwave is expected to shift above parts of Middle East, therefore, the next extremes from the region are possible until the end of March 2021.

In contrary, parts of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia hit European coldwave last days and in Atlas basins and valleys, temperatures dropped up to -5°C. In Europe coldwave produced frosts e.g. -24,6°C in Czechia, -18,4°C in Slovakia, -16,8°C in Austria or -14,1°C in Poland /;;;

Hot tropical air is therefore during light NAO- phases in this season situated above tropical climate zone.

Upcoming AO+ and NAO+ will bring shift anticyclonic and extremely warm weather into subtropical and moderate climate zone.

North-African heatwave on Sunday, 21. March 2021 /

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