Pakistan +45,5°C: March records were broken almost in all Asia

In many articles during the last period we have informed about a new March temperature recordsacross regions of Asia. The newest, all-time March record was reached in Pakistan, where meteorologist on Thar desert measured +45,5°C.

Extreme temperatures in last period hit Middle East and Central Asia /, India /, Southeastern Asia / or Japan /

Persisting heatwave in southern Asia is associated with every year – repeating period of drought and extreme high temperatures in the second half of spring and early summer, however, in 2021, this period is coming earlier, already at the end of March.

On 28. March 2021, Nawabshah in Pakistan recorded 45,5°C tying the reliable pakistani March record of highest temperature which was also set in March 2018 /Source:

Karachi likely to witness hot weather for the next four to five days, said Pakistan Meteorological Department (PDM) in its report on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

According to the newest study, hundreds of millions of people could be affected by deadly heatwaves within 30 years in the region / and spring heatwaves will be dangerously strong.

It appears, that after extremely cold winter with peaking La nina, tropical regions are important for reversible warming of the planet. Heatwaves will gradually shift above mid-latitudes (Japan, Europe or North America:;; and Earth should return from cold (neutral) temperature conditions very quickly.

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