Hot air from Mexico (+46,7°C) has shifted above Florida (+35°C), Virginia (+30°C) and New York (+28°C)!

Although already in a few days, severe coldwave will come above East Coast, the USA / and Midwest experiences with the next tornado outbreaks /, East Coast hit around Friday, 26. March 2021 extreme warm spell with summer, in Mid-Atlantic and Florida even tropical and supertropical temperatures.

This air has origin in Mexico, when only in Wednesday, 24. March, +46,7°C was measured.

West is still bothered with coldwaves / and in the south, surprised the first duststorms /

The hottest was on Friday in Florida, up to +95°F / +35°C, Virginia and Delaware reported +86°F / +30°C, New Jersey +84°F (+29°C), New York +82°F / +28°C and Connecticut +81°F / +27°C.

During upcoming coldwave, temperature anomalies should fall below -20°C in parts of Northeast and snow and severe frosts are expected.

In early April however, the first heatwave is possible from Mexico to southern Canada, which begins above Rocky Mountains and should spread eastward /we will update this information during the next days/.

Regional heatwaves started to affect more mid-latitudes, after current AO+ phase came, including Europe /;

Many hot air masses have accumulated mainly in tropical region, including Sahara /, Middle East /, Thailand /, Mexico /mentioned in this article/ or India /one of the next articles/, therefore, during the next weeks, the first summer and tropical heatwaves are expected in northern latitudes on the back sides of blocking highs.

Temperature anomaly above the USA on Friday, 26. March 2021 / Source:

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