Thailand still with severe drought: +42,4°C, a new March record measured

Only before a short time, we have informed about severe drought in Southeastern Asia and extremely low levels of Mekong river in Thailand /

Severe drought in the region continues and Thailand hit even the hottest March heatwave in country´s history.

On Sunday, 21. March 2021, +42,4°C was in the coutnry measured, what is the highest March temperature ever.

Moreover, 37 consecutive warm days, with positive temperature anomaly was measured.

Extreme drought in Southeastern Asia has significant impact to agriculture – 60 million people need a water of Mekong river for survival.

Although, some tropical activity is possible in the region until 11. April 2021 /, for parts of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are forecasted dry conditions until the half of April according to wxchats forecast tool.

According to Mkweather Spring 2021 forecast for Asia / region should be more stormy and some parts of monsoon Asia should be even colder than normal. Therefore its possible, that during April and May 2021, when tropical moisture will shift from Indonesia and Malaysia northward, will arrive in contrary with current situation wished rains, storms, but with risk of floods and landslides.

16-day precipitation forecast for SE Asia /

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Author: marekkucera
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