The strongest late frosts in southern Canada since 1956/58: Saskatoon -14,8°C, Winnipeg -11,5°C

Cold records in Europe, North America, Australia, Antarctica...It appears that La nina combined with minimum of solar cycle activity and volcanoes in last months has significant impact into coldwaves across all Earth.

In series of last articles we have informed about extremely cold April 2021 in Europe /;;; and in next series we have described situation in the USA and Canada /;;;;;

Very cold conditions are however reported from Southern Hemisphere, too, e.g. from Antarctica / or Southeastern Australia /the codlest morning in 38 years in Sydnes such as a topic one of the next Mkweather articles/.

Now, we shortly will stay in southern Canada, where only a few hours after freezing -27,0°C in Quebec / were measured the coldest late frosts times since 1956 or 1958 respectively.

In Winnipeg, minimum temperatures dropped on Saturday, 24. April to -11,5°C, what is the stongest late frost since 1958, it means for long 63 years!

Even colder was in Saskatoon, only -14,8°C, what is the strongest late frost since 1956 - for long 65 years!

As we mentioned in previous article, daily temperature records were subsequently on Sunday, 25. April, reported from western Great Lakes region and Upper Midwest /, e.g. International Falls reported -9,4°C.

16 day weather outlook for Canada is more cold such warm, with gradual coldwaves in western and central Canada, with the next dangerous late frosts. 2 coldwaves moving from western to eastern USA are forecasted too for the United States, firstly however shorter heatwave with summer temperatures arrive in the next period.

In Europe are still forecasted widespread ground frosts or regional frosts into early May 2021, therefore, harvest should be furthermore in danger.

Some parts of Canada should in early May hit winter-like conditions, what should have to local plants too damaging effect.

Late frosts stays still actual in the USA until early May 2021.

Illustration photos: saskatchewan /;
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