Frosts up to -6°C still bother parts of Europe and the USA

Friday and Saturday, 23.-24. April have brought similar temperatures in lower situated regions in Europe and in the USA, in both cases up to -6°C.

In Europe, frosts have shifted above central parts of Europe.

In the USA, series of frosts was ending along East Coast on Friday and the next coldwave has begun across Northern Plains on Saturday.

In Europe on Friday was the coldest in Elseborn, Belgium, 564 MASL, -4,2°C, in Munich, Germany, 453 MASL, -3,6°C, in Deelen, the Netherlands, 48 MASL, -3,4°C, in West Freugh, the UK, 11 MASL, -3,3°C, in Zeltweg, Austria, 677 MASL, -3,3°C, in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, 662 MASL, -3,1°C, in Telgárt, Slovakia, 901 MASL, -2,9°C, in Kielce, Poland, 260 MASL, -2,8°C, in Lviv, Ukraine, 319 MASL, -2,4°C, in Charleville, France, 149 MASL, -2,0°C, in České Budějovice, Czechia, 395 MASL, -1,4°C and in Ratece, Slovenia, 864 MASL, -1,1°C.

On Saturday, the coldest air was shifted more eastward, with minimum temperatures in Zeltweg, Austria, 677 MASL, -5,3°C, Altnaharra, the UK, 81 MASL, -4,5°C (Aboyne, 140 MASL, 22/24 April days with frosts), Cewice, Poland, 154 MASL, -4,1°C, Telgárt, Slovakia, 901 MASL, -3,9°C, Munich, Germany, 453 MASL, -3,5°C, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, 662 MASL, -3,3°C, Doksany, Czechia, 158 MASL, -3,1°C, Ratece, Slovenia, 864 MASL, -2,4°C, Groningen, the Netherlands, 4 MASL, -2,2°C, Karup, Denmark, 52 MASL, -2,0°C, Veliko Gradiste, Serbia, 82 MASL, -1,7°C, Varena, Lithuania, 109 MASL, -1,3°C, Grodno, Belarus, 135 MASL, -1,1°C and Johvi, Estonia, 73 MASL, -1,1°C.

In the USA, on Friday was coldest on Friday in Madison and Rapid City, -5,5°C, but very cold was e.g. in Denver reported -4,9°C, North Platte -3,9°C, Charleston -2,8°C, Kansas City and Knoxwille, -1,0°C, Charlotte -0,6°C or Huntsville +0,6°C.

On Saturday, from cities below 1000 MASL, International Falls reported -5,6°C, North Platte -3,8°C, Cheyenne -2,7°C, Rapid City -2,2°C, Denver -1,7°C, Charlotte and Asheville -0,5°C.

In Europe, frosts are expected until Tuesday, 27. April 2021.

In the USA, the next round of frost will shift early next week from western USA above Rocky Mountains, while East is waiting a heatwave in next workweek.

Possible temperature records in Europe and the USA on Friday and Saturday, 23.-24. April 2021 /

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