Denver with the 2nd coldest mid-Spring in 150 years and snowiest winter season since 1983/84

Not only Canada or Europe, but too the USA reports extreme April coldwaves. Parts of Rocky Mountains report many temperature records and one important seasonal snowfall record in April 2021, what makes us to think, what was in last months happened with climate, that form everywhere are reported mostly very cold temperature records.

All is associated with extremely cold April in Europe / and severe coldwaves in the USA in last period /

Similar temperature records such are described in the next paragraphs appeared in parts of Canada in last days, from -27,0°C in Quebec, -14,8°C in Saskatoon to -11,5°C in Winnipeg /;

The middle 2 weeks of April (9.4. - 22.4. 2021) averaged 36,8°F in Denver, what is the second coldest period in 150 years of recordkeeping - behind only 2013 (33,6°F) according to Twitter weather watchers.

The observed maximum temperature in Boulder on Wednesday was just 35°F. This is the coldest ever observed high temperature for 21. April. The prior record was 40°F set 112 years ago back in 1909, informed BoulderCAST Weather on Twitter. Even colder was one of the last nights in Boulder, with minimum temperature only -12,2°C / 10°F according to meteorologists.

Accuweather moreover informed, that Denver's 80-plus inches of snow from Winter season 2020/2021 not only eclipses the 1991-1992 seasonal snow total of 79 inches but also makes the 2020-2021 season the snowiest in the city since the 1983-1984, although that record could still fall.

Too many cold temperature records in too many places around the world, if we count the coldest morning in Sydney in April in 38 years /the next article/ or extremely cold Antarctica in last days and many other cold records in last minimally 4 months, what do you think? /Answer is maybe here:

Illustration photo. Source: Snow in 2020: Wyoming, Colorado suffer storms amid COVID-19 pandemic - Deseret News

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