Tropical storm Choi – Wan hit Philippines and is shifting above Taiwan / Japan coast

Only before a few days, Philippines hit record heatwave, with temperatures up to +41,6°C in Echague, Isabela; Manila reported +38,6°C what are one of the highest temperatures measured in the country.

Currently however, severe Tropical storm Choi – Wan (Dante) hit Philippines in full power.

In Maasin, Philippines, in last 24 hours, 369,6 mm of rain has fallen (from 31. May 12Z to 1. June 12Z), in Butuan 191 mm, in Hinatuan 146 mm, in Tagbilaran 122,8 mm, in Romblon 115 mm, in Guiuan 112 mm an din Surigao 106 mm, with regional heavy floods.

System is shifting towards Taiwan and southern Japan, then probably will be shifting with NE direction along Japan coast.

If scenarios with hit Taiwan will confirm, it will be the first tropical system after very long time in the region /;;;

Very warm conditions with early monsoon arrival were reported from last weeks from Japan, too /;;

In China, series of extremely strong storms and cooldowns have appeared in last weeks and regional floods appeared in SE Asia /;;;;


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Author: marekkucera
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