Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and southern China with floods, extreme rainfall expected in Myanmar, too

Southeastern Asia is experiencing already with serious monsoon rains in many countries, with reported floods in Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and southern China and projected heavy rainfall mainly in Myanmar, but in large parts of the region. too.

In Malaysia, severe floods hit Sabah, Tenom, and Sarawak in last days. Lawas in Limbang Division recorded almost 200 mm of precipitation in 48 hours between 18.-20. May 2021. Kota Kinabalu, capital of Sabah state recorded 272,4 mm for a very short time – only in two 24-hour periods around 20. May 2021.

More than 5000 people were evacuated and relocated from their homes.

In Thailand, severe storms flooded capital, Bangkok around 20. May 2021. In next period, severe storms are forecasted mainly for mountainous northern Thailand and for southern outshoot.

Under severe rainfall will be in next 16 days almost all Myanmar, without some central parts. Local rainfall up to 1500 – 2000 mm / 16 days is possible, what should have result in widespread floods, mainly in northern Myanmar and along the coast.

Southern China and Laos report problems along Mekong river and region expect heavy rainfall in next period, furthermore.

Regional or local storm systems should develop in next period across all Southeastern Asia, including Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam or Cambodia.

Increased rainfall in the region is associated with ongoing La nina event and mostly stormy Summer 2021 is forecasted.


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