In Pakistan has come hot spring very early, +38,3°C in February (new all-time monthly record)!

Pakistan and India reported extremely hot winter weather during last February 2021 days, too.

After series of Siberian coldwaves in northern regions / finally has come hot spring, but there are two problems – extremely hot, supertropical days are here extremely early, and reached maximum temperatures are historically high.

In Nawabshah, southern Pakistan, was on 26. February 2021 measured the hottest February day in the country ever, +38,3°C. Old record from Hyderabad, 1993 and Chcor, 1997 was overcame only for 0,1°C.

According to tool, temperature anomalies were at the end of February 2021 extremely high over almost all Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh, Myanmar, but too in other coutnries in Southeastern Asia and in other parts of China.

The hottest was traditionally in Thar desert along border Pakistan with India.

For comparison, Guangzhou, southern China (near Hong Kong) reported on 23. February record +29,7°C and extremely hot weather hit a belt from Middle East across Central Asia, Mongolia, China, Korea up to Japan around 20. February / In Bejiing, unprecedented +25,8°C was measured (old winter record overcame for almost 5°C!).

Warm spring weather is expected to continue in the region minimally until the end of the first March 2021 decade, with the peak of heatwave in Thar desert region around 6. March 2021.

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