Algeria +38,5°C, Libya +38,0°C, and Tunisia +34,8°C in November!

About extremely hot November weather, which hit in the last days Europe we were informed in several articles /;

Anomalously hot air, with the most impressive monthly national temperature record in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, +32,4°C on 5. November 2021, was flowing above southern and southeastern Europe directly from hot Sahara, where temperatures in the last days were at levels of all-time seasonal records, too.

The hottest was on 5. November 2021 in In Guezzam (401 MASL), Algeria – supertropical +38,5°C.

Libyan coast reported abnormally hot +38,0°C in Sirte on the same day.

Tunisian Medenine reported tropical +34,8°C on 3. November 2021.

Regionally, all-time November records were overcome or never has been so hot so late in the season.

The region, therefore, has offered still good conditions for late-season vacation or holidays – maybe mainly Hurghada, Egypt, will report in the next weeks the hottest weather, yet.

Before severe heatwave, Medicane Gloria (Apollo) brought severe floods in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya (and Spain and Italy) /;

After the extreme heatwave, a region of North Africa will be hit similarly such as Europe by severe coldwaves from the Arctic in the next 40 days /

Atlas mountains should be prepared for significant snowfall while rarely should appear in lower situated regions below 1000 MASL the first frosts or even first snow sleets in the region.

Egypt and the Middle East will be hit by extreme coldwaves a little later.

Winter forecast for Africa and North Hemisphere you will find here:;

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